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Local Children’s Hospital

Be a Champion for Children's Health


GLENTEL is proud to support children's hospitals through Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations. By supporting this campaign, your donations will improve the lives of children across Canada and allow these kids to realize their full potential.

Together We Can Create Healthier Futures for Our Children


Our children make up only 20% of the population, but they are 100% of our future. The 13 children's hospitals in Canada are tackling the greatest challenges in child health. Your donations will help support critical research, innovative education, and exceptional clinical care. With your help, children's hospitals will be able to build a better future by helping all children reach their fullest potential.

Children's Hospital Foundations Across Canada


Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations


Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations collaborate in the areas of clinical care, research and education, and provide training for health-care experts who treat children in every province and territory.

Did You Know?


The researchers of Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations continue to make ground- breaking discoveries that lead to recoveries for children in Canada and around the world.

Partnerships are built nationally but the donations they generate remain in local communities.

Nearly 5,000 children receive care every day — that's more than 2.3 million patients each year.

Canada's hospital foundations are the largest single non- government funders of children's health in Canada.

How Your Donations Help


Caring for kids requires specialization and innovation.

Children's health care is different. Kids aren’t mini-adults, they require specialized care and treatment.


Community support for specialized paediatric research, care, and education has enabled Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations to achieve so much. Cancer used to be a death sentence; today, 80 per cent of Canadian children with cancer are cured. The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome has been reduced by 40 per cent. Children born with a heart defect used to die before their teen years, and now 90 per cent live into adulthood. These and many more achievements in child health were made possible by donors like you.


For the children's hospitals in Canada, specialized paediatric medicine is key. Specialization enables Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations to address the unique needs of our paediatric population. Tiny hearts, growing bodies, and developing minds require specific equipment, extraordinary medical techniques, family-centered care, and long-term health solutions that take into consideration the entire trajectory of a young person's life.


Through the extraordinary belief, tremendous efforts, generous investments of partners, and donations from you today, our hope for future treatments and cures to address the health challenges that our children now face can become a reality.