5G is the latest generation of wireless network technology, which delivers high responsiveness, increased capacity, and faster speeds. This new wireless technology will open a world of possiblities and will effectively change the way we connect with one another.

What does 5G offer?



5G is capable of reaching download speeds like never before, when compared to 4G LTE connections . With 5G speeds, you can stream videos at the highest resolution without lag and download large files, which used to take minutes on 4G LTE, in the matter of seconds.


As the technology matures, 5G will be able to support up to 1 million devices per square kilometre. This will allow for more connected devices to be used in certain space, giving opportunity for new, innovative technologies in your home and your community.


5G provides ultra fast response times, removing lag and interruptions from your every day activities. You will be able to get near real-time performance for tasks like gaming, browsing the internet and making video calls.



What do I need to access 5G?

You will need a 5G capable smartphone with a carrier data plan that is supported by a 5G network in your area.

Will my current phone work on a 5G network?

If you currently own a 5G smartphone then you will be able to benefit from 5G. However, if you have a smartphone that is only 4G/LTE enabled, you will only be able to get data speeds up to 4G LTE.

Are 5G smartphones more expensive than 4G/LTE smartphones?

5G capability is one of many factors in a smartphone's cost and generally does not greatly impact the monthly or total cost of the phone. Pricing of each 5G capable phone will vary by manufacturer.

If I buy a 4G/LTE smartphone, will it not work in a year?

4G/LTE will continue to be an important network for years to come as 5G networks work in sync with existing 4G/LTE networks.

Does 5G use more data?

5G uses the same amount of data when using your smartphone for typical tasks like streaming videos/music, browsing social media, downloading files, etc. With the increased speeds of 5G, your phone usage may increase, leading to more data consumption.

Do I need a different mobile plan to use 5G?

Some carriers may offer 5G specifc plans. Visit our mobile experts at a Tbooth wireless for more details.

Do I need a data plan with more data to use 5G?

No, you do no need more data to use 5G. However, with the increased potential of the 5G network, it is recommended to upgrade to a phone plan that supports unlimited data. For example, with 5G, streaming 4k content without buffering will become possible, but you will consume more data.

How much faster is 5G than 4G? Will it be comparable to home internet?

Under ideal situations, 5G will be able to reach speeds that are 20x of 4G (up to 20Gbps). Technically, 5G will offer much higher speeds compared to cable home internet. But this will depend on the cable type that is being used to deliver internet service to your home and the 5G network coverage in your area. Visit our mobile experts in-store for details regarding 5G speeds in your area.

Where is a 5G network available today?

Carriers have now rolled out 5G networks in many marketing including major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa.

How can I upgrade my phone if I'm still under contract?

You may be eligible for an early upgrade while under contract. Visit our mobile experts at Tbooth wireless for more details.

Can I use my 5G device outside of Canada?

Most carriers are not currently supporting 5G networks outside of Canada. But with a roaming plan you may be able to use your device at 4G/LTE speeds in certain countries. Contact your service provider for more information or visit our mobile experts in-store for more details.

What if I have a 5G device but there is no 5G service available in my area?

If you are in an area where 5G network coverage is not yet available, your 5G device will automatically use the 4G/LTE network speeds.

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