Adreama Google Pixel 6a Boîtier antichoc certifié GRS Crystal Clear

Protect your Google Pixel 6a from everyday bumps and scratches with the Adreama GRS Certified Crystal Clear Shockproof Case. Protect your device while protecting the environment.

  • GRS Certified - GRS certifies that the product is produced with recycled content it claims to have. It makes the word “sustainable” mean something. Verifies safe and equitable working conditions of factories we partner up with
  • Entire case is made of recyclable materials and the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Crystal clear, non-yellowing, and scratch-resistant surface ensures your case is always in good condition
  • Raised edges around the camera protects the lenses, and around the touch screen protects it from everyday scratches
  • Protects the buttons without obstruction of functions

Prix de vente 29,99 $
Couleur: Clear